Flo tek sbf heads review. Maxx 180 SBF(Sold in Pairs) Maxx 180 SBF. none Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Flotek Cylinder Head, Assembled, 2. CHI 3V cylinders heads. 600 248 CFM Flow numbers at bottom of this page. These Flo-Tek heads have a long list of high-end features, minus the hefty price tag. … Joined Dec 7, 2008. Don’t let the size fool you, flowing over 260 cfm, this head makes real power. Initial review: Flo-Tek 203-505 SBF Heads. 331 running 98. Valve springs are suitable for most hydraulic flat tappet and mild street hydraulic roller camshafts; Initial review: Flo-Tek 203-505 SBF Heads. # mpn1820120159. Your ported heads, not good. The Best 20 In-line Head You Can Buy! These New 220cc Heads Flow A Massive 340 Cfm, Averaging An 11 Cfm Increase From. 00 : Tri-State Cylinder Head, Remanufactured Cylinder Heads To see these on the dyno, click here: https://www. On a 10:1 compression hydraulic roller 351C. SHARE POST #9. $615. 94" intake, 1. Today my guess is China. Please comment with any questions or concerns. I'll be pulling the valves and checking for Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Flo-Tek 203505 Single Small Block Ford SBF 289 302 Aluminum Cylinder Head 58cc at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! Initial review: Flo-Tek 203-505 SBF Heads. The Flotek heads were originally brought out by Money Maker racing who use to be on the forum. 00 – $ 2,356. They come fully assembled and ready for a bolt-in installation; bare models are also available. Flo-Tek 203505 Small Block Ford Aluminum Cylinder Head. Share. 0X Studs & Guide Plates Flo-Tek - $798. $2,630. One set of plugs will do a pair of heads. I had this work completed by "tmoss", who I found through some internet research. 500-inch Beehive. Even Ford accepted this fact for their own race endeavors; eventually hybridizing the solid small block bottom end with the well breathing Cleveland heads to create the BOSS 302 and BOSS 351. Vortec Iron, Scoggin-Dickey Modified PN SD8060A2, $779 You don't need to spend a fortune to get a set of top-performing, lightweight aluminum cylinder heads for your small-block Ford V8. Limited Supply: Only 0 Left! Same Something great just got better! FLO-TEK has taken its track-proven cylinder head and using advanced 3D solid modeling and CAD tools, plus a nearly a decade’s worth of racing experience, has made it even more potent for serious performance enthusiasts and racers. Intake manifold gasket matched up with the intake and exhaust ports. Brian Penrod 1. Can anyone shed some light on them . The SBF Maxx 180 is an as cast head that beats the competition. 200-. Flo-Tek® High Performance Complete Cylinder Head (203-5052) 0. 5:1 minimum. FLOTEK High Performance Cylinder Heads 1712 Read Street, Evansville, IN 47710 Phone: 1-800-270-0095 I Fax: 812-421-0983 FLOTEK 180cc small block Ford cylinder heads feature as-cast ports, up to 0. $52. com/watch?v=RmWHzcgpImYI decided to make this video of the Speedway Motors Flo-Tek aluminum small b I have been doing extensive research between the Edelbrock E-Street heads and Flo Tek Heads from tri-state cylinder head. 600 in Valves, 180 cc Intake, 64 cc Chamber, 1. dedicated to Ford Mustang owners and enthusiasts. While our 195cc, 205cc and 220cc heads are designed for aggressive, non-emissions compliant street or race applications. See more of Flotek Performance Cylinder Heads on Facebook. 200 124 CFM . 1 Intake Manifold All American SBF All New 20° Small Block Ford Wedge Heads feature State of the Art 205cc Ports and 63cc CNC Chambers using our Latest Technology! ( 1 ) Flo-Tek 408-500 Big Block Chevy Aluminum Cylinder Head, 360cc, Bare $465 These heads work well across the full rpm range Serious street performance, mild bracket racing, and marine Serious Afr 1451 Sbf 220cc Cnc Ported Aluminum Cylinder Heads 58cc Hydraulic . edelbrock. 98! 1. Either method works, but this isn't the issue in this case. 020/1. 02 inch intake and 1. owing to excellent assistance, a variety of top of the range items, aggressive costs and efficient delivery, we take pleasure in a very good standing amongst our shoppers. Intake and exhaust port casting is … Designed to deliver trouble-free, consistent performance Right for your vehicle and lifestyle. No additional costs for repairs - parts Flo-Tek offers one of the most affordable ways to add a set of aluminum cylinder heads to your Small Block Ford. 58. Equipped with the stock E7TE heads, the 331 stroker produced 346 hp and 391 lb-ft of torque. Head is sold … On the plus side, the Vortec intake port flows 42 cfm better than the stock heads at 0. Helping a friend plan a SBF budget build last night. Head gaskets: Fel-Pro 1094, Compressed Thickness 0. 54 inch exh 2. E. $2,521 Initial review: Flo-Tek 203-505 SBF Heads. Flowing over 328 cfm through only a 210cc runner will make the power you need from your big cubic inch small block Ford. Ford 5. I'll be pulling the valves and checking for run out. Check out Steven Sun on Facebook and see who else he supplies. Speier Racing Heads. 470 in Springs, Aluminum, Small Block Ford, Each Item #: FTC203505. The 165cc heads were set up with 7/16" studs and guide plates, … Seats are small at 2. level. budy who owns a machine shop says the castings are well done, and decent valves. 60" intake and exhaust valves, with either a 61cc or 59cc combustion chamber volume. 96. His is a a mild all-motor build, around 375 HP to maybe 400 HP, daily driver. Recommended for street, towing, or flo tek cylinder heads - Factory, Suppliers, Manufacturers from China. No adapter is necessary, you just redrill or elongate the holes in the intake or heads. ·. Other than any necessary port matching, the goal is not do anything but bolt the heads on and go, no changing components. Cylinder Head, The Hammer, 205cc, Hydraulic Roller, Aluminum, Assembled, Ford, Small Block Windsor 289/302/351, Each. to unported cast iron closed chamber 4V heads. This Flo-Tek head has a long list of high-end features, minus the hefty price tag. Only show this user. Better yet, put a XE 262 cam in it and bump the torque with a bit of sacrifice on h. They are basically a copy of the Ford aluminum heads. Part Number: FLK-2205-HR-505. Free FAST Shipping, Free Returns, Expert Tech Support 2 product ratings. 54" swirl-polished exhaust valves These Flo-Tek aluminum heads for the small block Ford are specified to take plug number AGSF-32C. They feature 100% CNC ported intake, exhaust & chambers, A356 aluminum castings and high quality components throughout, in addition these are the only AFR heads that are compatible with the OEM piston valve relief. I have made 670hp with them on a 385 13-1 SBC with my CNC port. FLOTEK High Performance Cylinder Heads 1712 Read Street, Evansville, IN 47710 Phone: 1-800-270-0095 I Fax: 812-421-0983 The flow-tek heads are good. Key Features: These come in a pair of two solid cylinder heads for 351W with 1. 7 is really good, especially with all the issues you claim. Complete heads for $350 each . These cylinder heads have a 180cc intake runner and 62cc exhaust runner, so they are great for street and off-road application were you would like to have good low in power. The as-cast flows 260@. FOR SALE! Head is sold individually, 180cc intake runners, 62cc … Flo-Tek manufactures aluminum cylinder heads for big block Chevys and small block Chevy and Fords. 94" intake and 1. . They are very low price . (Sold in Pairs) $ 922. Tha Angled holes were on the old style, late style heads use 5/16" vertical bolts, early style heads use angled 3/8" bolts. 1. #6 · Jan 11, 2018. I'll be pulling the valves and FLO-TEK 203505 SINGLE Small Block Ford SBF 289 302 Aluminum Cylinder Head 58cc - $555. We discussed Flo-Tek 203505 complete ready-to-run aluminum heads. Speedway Motors/Flo-Tek. 0 X Aluminum Cylinder Heads, Complete Set! Comparable To The Ford Racing M-6049-X306 Cylinder Heads Sold By Summit Racing For $1369. 99. The 290 and 315 are extremely nice. 550 in. 1982 Ford Fairmont Futura H/C/I, fuel injected and turbocharged 10. Save. After installation of the Edelbrock Performer RPM Amazon. 54" swirl-polished exhaust valves 58cc chambers Performance valve … 4,095 Posts. 800 Lift Over Our Previous Best In Spite Of Its 5cc Smaller Intake Runner. I have made 550hp with them on a 383 on pump gas with my CNC port. Replace your stock heads with high performance FLOTEK New Flo Tek 5. 087 diameter, and soft but work. The Shocker 210 CNC SBF heads are tops in the industry. Originally they were cast in Australia by the same foundry Ford uses there. Discussion Starter · #1 · Dec 1, 2011. Cylinder heads: In Sweden where I live the Flotek 180cc and the Edelbrock E-Street 185cc have the same price so one of those or I can order other heads from Flo-Tek owner Ron Schmitt traces the lineage of his heads to when he was a dealer for the New Zealand-based Pro-Action cylinder heads. Afr 1451 Sbf 220cc Cnc Ported Aluminum Cylinder Heads 58cc Hydraulic. Product breakdowns and malfunctions are covered after manufacturer's warranty. 700. FLO-TEK Performance cylinder heads feature as-cast ports and are designed for entry-level street Add to registry. 31 bore, right out of the box (click on the thumbnail) I have developed a 290cc (288. Plan starts on the date of purchase. The 290 and 315cc are imported from Steven Sun. Title says it all . 00 – $ 1,474. Its been some time but I believe the part number is 139 or 149. or Since the Flo-Tek heads are setup for the GT40 intakes, I decided to have my intake ported to match the flow numbers of the heads. #7 · Feb 16, 2019. Compression: 9. The 320 and 360 are the same big square exhaust everyone else is offering. 4 l/h actual) rectangle port that is in the traditional rectangle port location. 56 Posts. lift, and are designed for entry-level street performance applications operating in the idle-to-5500 rpm range. 0X heads(the ones im guessing Speedway is selling) Intake Test @ 28" of Water . Add to your order. com. You Save $571. (Sold in Pairs) $ 1,688. The 58cc cumbustion chamber, 2. 940 / 1. Torque converter: Allstar Performance 26900, 2700-3000 stall or Hughes Performance GM30B, 3000 stall. I'm looking at the Flo-Tek aluminum heads from Speedway Motors . p. It's done on an … cool rockin daddy said: Throw a set of Vortecs on a GM Goodwrench engine, stab a mild Comp Extreme Energy 268 cam in it, top with 750 holley and throw some headers on it and enjoy 400 + HP and around 420 lb ft of torque. $2993. 62cc exhaust runners. 98 for a complete, ready-to-bolt-on pair of If your looking for something in between those two heads, most people do not realize that AFR makes a 170 head with 55cc combustion chambers, which in my opinion is perfect for the street and guys looking to pick up a little higher compression. Flotek 2205-HR-505 - FLOTEK The Hammer 205cc Small Block Ford Cylinder Heads. 300 178 CFM . parts manufacturer to make the 1,215 Posts. But pulls the valves and fixes a few things, nothing major so I’m guessing guides and seals Says after some rework they are good to go for the price can’t go wrong. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Flo-Tek 203505 Single Small Block Ford SBF 289 302 Aluminum Cylinder Head 58cc at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! AFR's 165cc "Street" cylinder heads are the preferred choice over re-worked factory heads. street engine, the Pro Comps were down 50 HP to the CHI heads and 30 HP. 180cc intake runners. You don't need to spend a fortune to get a top-performing, lightweight aluminum cylinder head for your small-block Ford V8. When Pro-Action went out of business, Schmitt had local race shop, Jones Engineering revise a set of SBC and SBF Pro-Action castings which he took to China and found an O. #19 · Aug 29, 2020 (Edited) Only show this user. 550 in Valves, 180 cc Intake, 58 cc Chamber, 1. Come join the discussion about performance, builds, modifications, reviews, engine swaps, classifieds, troubleshooting 4,568 Posts. I reviewed the heads visually and they look very good. Go out and shock the competition. 220cc SBF Competition Cylinder Head. On the flow bench, the. Here is an update on the Flo-Tek 203505 small block Ford cylinder heads after 3 years/ 3,000 miles of use. Anybody that was serious about racing their small block ford knew that the heads needed significant port work to increase their flow capabilities. 4. Spring Options. We always welcome big power gains, but it is even better when the extra power at the top of the rev range comes with no loss in low-speed torque. Th IK was never intended to be a RACE head. com and I don't know which head to go with. 5cc r/h, 287. 550? lift on a hydraulic roller cam, bronze guides, and 3/8? screw-in studs and 1,215 Posts. The 165cc heads feature 1. 02” intake valves. Flow numbers for the 5. It puts out up to 20 hp over the competition. Select sub-category. 75 out of 5 stars. youtube. These are specially designed for small block fords like the street use 351W with 5500rpm performance. I took this from the Brodix siteabout IK Heads: "The features for the IK® 180 / 200 include a revolutionary ultra casting, versatile 180 cc or 200 cc intake ports that are Shocker 210 SBF CNC. After porting, the intake flow numbers were nearly identical to the head flow numbers. 205cc SBF Competition Cylinder Head. VANDENPLAS, Feb 16, 2020 SHARE POST #14 1Nimrod likes this. 400 209 CFM . The 165cc and 185cc models are CARB Certified EO #D-250-3 for vehicles model year 1995 and older. or You don't need to spend a fortune to get a top-performing, lightweight aluminum cylinder head for your small-block Ford V8. FLOTEK Performance cylinder heads feature as-cast ports and are designed for entry level street … www. 460 in Springs, Straight Plug, Aluminum, Small Block Chevy, Each (102-505) at Amazon. The most notable thing about the Flo-Tek heads available through Speedway Motors is the price—that's $739. view details. My CNC port … Cleveland Pro Comps which are a Chinese copy of the excellent Australian. 02? and 1. 500-inch lift and 18 cfm better on the exhaust side. from Allstate Protection Plans. BOTH are good heads for what they are marketed for. Head is sold individually. 60? stainless valves, a 5-angle valve job, valve springs good to . 67@128. Will likely need to plug the EGR connection holes in the end of these heads on 86-up fords. Sold as complete assemblies only. 98 A Set. com Details about Flo-Tek 203505 Single Small Block Ford SBF 289 302 Aluminum Cylinder Head 58cc. Small-Block Ford E-Street Cylinder Heads. 4-Year Auto Accessory Protection Plan. Compare performance and price and you will see it is no contest. com: Flotek 203505 Aluminum Cylinder Head for Small Block Ford : Automotive. ( 4 ) Estimated Ship Date: Oct 11, 2022 (if ordered today) Drop Ship. The company says its Flo-Tek Chevy 350 heads is comparable to Summit’s SMU-162111 cylinder heads and comes with 180cc intake runners, 64 cc combustion chambers, angled or straight plug, 2. 015”. Condition: New. 00. Log In. 100 61. 00 : Tri-State Cylinder Head, Remanufactured Cylinder Heads Part II - Installation and Dyno Testing AFR 165cc Heads. 90” or 2. 25. scottybaccus, Feb 6, 2010. Please use 5775804 to do so. We've been an energetic corporation with wide market for flo tek cylinder heads, 6. 92. 180cc intake runners 62cc exhaust runners 1. Description: Cylinder Head, Assembled, 1. 90"/1. 5 CFM . 54"exhaust stainless swirl polished valves. The whole purpose of the Flotek was not to complete with heads like the TF, AFR, and the like. High Performance Complete Cylinder Head by Flo-Tek®. Reviews: Write first review. FloTek 290 on a 4. 500 223 CFM . It has one intake and exhaust valves that are made with stainless steel and oil control Just using a box stock IK vs the CNC AFR seems an unfair comparison. 331 Ford Head Test-Stock vs Edelbrock Performer RPM. Note to self, don’t let you port my heads, haha.

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