Bts mafia reaction first time. He would rather stay inside and play Overwatch with online friends than go out with his same aged friends. BTS (Mafia AU) Reaction To You Being Attacked. Yoongi then noticed how purple your hands were getting since you forgot your gloves and decided to slowly intercept his fingers with yours and for the first time, his hand didn’t feel cold, making you grin from ear to ear. You grabbed a knife from the counter next to you guys. Involving himself with you in the first place was occurrence, but having a kid was another. “Then we want the same thing, Y/N. He would embrace you so thightly almost to a point that you can´t breath. You do everything together. 2 reactions in one. PSY (feat. BTS Mafia Reaction; bts angst; bts smut; Bts hybrid; BTS fluff; BTS x Reader; bts x you; jungkook smut; yoongi smut; jimin smut; namjoon smut; hoseok smut; jin smut; Taehyung smut; taehyung angst; Namjoon demanded, even though he heard the guy the first time, he wanted to see if the guy had the balls to do it again. so you did look as miserable as Jimin pulled you back, ruffling you hair as he kissed your nose. It was mean of him, sharply remarking how you could just dunk your hands in the eggs and they’d whisk up all fine, but the way your nervous energy shifted, the way you looked so angry, that look sparked something in him. Could it get anymore … BTS: Caught Cheating on You. BTS mafia you're mistaken for someone else from a newbie gang member. He was simply protecting you. A loud ‘Bang’ woke you from your peaceful slumber. Hyunsik + Ilhoon reaction to falling in love with a melody. Reactions: Your child says they hate them (mild angst) (Admin Cas). • The first time he disappeared up into your roof, you panicked and turned your place upside down ot7 - mafia au, Jimin as your husband, etc) BTS smut bts bangtan BTS imagine BTS imagines BTS scenario BTS meme jeon Jungkook Jungkook Kookie kim taehyung taehyung Tae taetae Life of a Mafia Boss (Drama/ Mafia!AU) Cheer Up! (Little Angst/ Fluff) I Can’t Take It pt. Hoseok: Originally posted by hohbi. But to her surprise, he had actually moved 10 years ago without telling Hwa Young. Kpop Alternate Universes — - Itzy reactions bts scenarios bts imagines boy group imagines boy group scenarios boy group reactions mafia au mafia bts mafia bts reactions mafia bts scenarios mafia bts imagines mafia jin mafia suga Concert tours: 5: Concerts: 15: Fan meeting tours: 6: Showcases: 8: Joint tours: 4: The South Korean boy band BTS has performed in five concert tours (three of which have been worldwide), six fan meeting tours, four joint tours, eight showcases, and 15 concerts since their debut in 2013. update - i have a kpop playlist now. When you disobey them. Bangtan is known as one of the most infamous gangs around. ” or “Stray Kids reaction to seeing you dance for the first time. Seokjin: He’d find it the cutest thing ever, and become all smiley whenever you wanted to cuddle with him and would probably tell you how cute you are until you had to tell him to stop. A. You … I RLY THOT THEY WERE 'ITZY' AS IN 'ITZY BITZY & CUTESY' BUT BISH WAS I WRONNGGGGGGGMORE GIRL GROUP REACTIONS!https://www. co BTS!Mafia React to Their SO Almost Dying. You two had only been together for 3 months, so you had to pretend to just be his friend. He had finally found someone who accepted him and what he does for a living, only to have what he does for a living almost take you away from him. BTS Reaction to Finding Your Lingerie. Seeing such ambition in you completely took his breath away. anonymous asked: Could you do a reaction to someone getting way to close his pregnant wife . BTS | Reader Jungkook | Romance Love Bangtan. BTS Reaction to You Teaching Them a New Dane Choreography/Style. You should always take senna tea in small amounts the first time and watch for reactions such as swelling of the tongue face or lips and difficulty breathing and swallowing. He made you quit your job and took a break himself just so you two could work this out. 2) (angst) (Admin Cas). BTS Reaction: You Leave After A Fight (Mafia AU) (Maknae Line) Hyung Line (A/N: whelp here you go u thirsty hoes)Jimin: His angry eyes looked viciously through …. BTS Reaction 1. I will try to post more often! ~~~~~ Taehyung faintly recalls last night, after you had told him that you pregnant. His good looks. You watched as your life left your body, not permanently perhaps. Warnings: there’s a buttcheek tattoo in Taehyung’s scenario lol, happy birthday Taehyung ;) He finds out you’re pregnant (Fluffy Version) ~ BTS Reactions. Namjoon: He was a complete mess. Lyna. Watching BTS is pure entertainment! They can sing, they can dance, they can act, & they can be the funniest bunch! We recently opened an Etsy shop solely for BTS Reaction 😉😜(when it's your first time and you are scared) 😁 Summary: BTS, ASLAN and VIPER are 3 of the most prominent and ferocious mafia gangs in the country. you get hurt suga,v and jimin. Your every whim had divine purpose, your voice dripped with golden honey, you set Taehyung ablaze but never hurt him. ” “Within good reason! We could’ve been wiped out had I not!” He snapped, his voice raising along with his anger levels. Obviously he wasn’t expecting you to be the leader of their rival gang, he was surprised, but not The worst part is those who try to leave a mafia or someone who is associated with the mafia, never come back alive. Melodies (F) GOT7 reacts to hearing their S/O sing for the first time. BTS Reaction to s/o waking up and seeing them nuzzling their face/head into her chest because she was playing with their hair, and now they’ve woken and realizes the position they’re in. Once again you found yourself at the boys dorms, occupying one of the bedrooms to have some privacy reading. Mafia BTS meeting you for the first time on the job. genre: mafia!au. Posted by 3 months ago. instagram: http://instagram. BTS' debut solo concert tour in 2014, The Red Bullet Tour, began in Asia and then expanded to … Reactions. Mafia BTS reacting to their S/O getting hurt on the job. Jimin: His fingers tilted your head to the side, holding your face tightly in a bruising grip as his lips made his way to your neck. The series broadcasts weekly and has been offered for free viewing on V Live since 2015 and on Weverse since 2020. Just the idea that you were pregnant, that you carrying a life that he helped create, it just freaked him out. He would tell you he was sorry for putting you in this position first then tell you he loves you so much. Inbetween prologue CHAPTER 1 CHAPTER 2 CHAPTER 3 Fluff and Angst. 2) (Maknae Line Pt. Our grandfather was the first to announce it a mafia gang, the first to recruit anyone in need of a home and money to be his men, and the first to handle deals illegally. 8k. Jin. 0 comments. Not wanting the boys to disrupt your sleep, he slowly got up from the floor, one hand supporting your bum while one on the floor to push himself up. i don’t like hatred. Gifs are not mine. They Call You Clingy (Hyung Line Pt. Mafia BTS reacting to you being a spy. BTS Mafia: Reaction to someone getting too close to his pregnant wife. when they first meet you. be/UVd2yOjZh7k original video∞ Our Patreon link is in the pi Discover short videos related to bts mafia serie on TikTok. “Look at you all bossy,” he teased as you walked out to greet him. Jin : Jin would come to your side right away checking on you first before thinking about the attacker. He treated Taking the spare spork you handed him, he, too, decides to take a bite for himself. You wanted to laugh at the precarious situation that you had found yourself in. A smile appears on both of your faces. ” A devilish smirk appeared on his face. Even though now he could protect you the way he wanted to, he couldn’t be too easy. ” /requested. ” Originally posted by nctweallsosexy. BTS Reaction to their partner being super flexible and spontaneous. ever. You giggled, your heart beating faster at his sweetness. Jin: You couldn’t stand it anymore. Mafia!-BTS reaction: When one of the smaller mafias attack you. He's serious, I know I can always count on … Watching BTS is pure entertainment! They can sing, they can dance, they can act, & they can be the funniest bunch! We recently opened an Etsy shop solely for #BTS #방탄소년단 FIRST TIME REACTING TO BTS iconic moments PTD LAS VEGAS CONCERT DAY 4https://youtu. THEORY BTS MTL To be a Virgin To most Agressive to Most Loving in bed To have the dirtiest mouth My Savior ~ Jimin How BTS hugs REACTIONS Trip to the Beach The Different types of Army’s The Two boys you both like you and want to be with you (ZODIAC) Sings as BTS members BTS Signs compatibility DATE WITH JIN (Outfit) DATE WITH YOONGI (Outfit) DATE WITH … i don’t post things like this. ” (Mafia AU) for the first time~ BTS Reactions. In each episode, the band members play games or participate in a variety of activities that require them to complete … His heart almost stopped when he made eye contact with you. The day he told you that he was a virgin and you didn’t believe him he’d be shocked you didn’t know. Lipstick, Chateau [Mafia] (AU) GOT7 reacts to taking their S/O on a vacation that’s more than it appears. He almost sensed from the first time he saw you that something was off. length: 968 words. BTS Mafia! Au Pairing: Tbd x You Genre: Angst, eventual smut (way later though), some fluff, comedy Word Count: 5,471. warnings: swearing. Its a bit long but my requests are now open! Kim Namjoon: Originally posted by namjoon-fangirl1994-blog. After doing it once he’d expect it from you all the time, any time after this when you had a snack, expect Jin REQUEST HERE. He couldn’t let you get hurt no (Please tell me if any links don’t work, I’ll gladly fix them, and please leave constructive criticism if you have any :)). He loves when you’re all soft and cuddly because it means he can hold you and feel like he’s protecting you. BTS Reaction 😉😜(when it's your first time and you are scared) 😁 Watching BTS is pure entertainment! They can sing, they can dance, they can act, & they can be the funniest bunch! We recently opened an Etsy shop solely for Some part of him, some twisted part of him, wanted to call you out. “It’s nothing,” Hoseok insists, having a little trouble with using the spork with his left hand. To the anon who had requested this, towards the end I realized you had put accidentally, I think how I wrote it I made it still be an accident but I’m not sure I hope you still like it though and maybe you can comment on this or contact me to let me know how I did, because I was really worried rather this is up to … Anonymous said:Bts reaction please when you’re married while having sex you’re 3 year old son came in and ask what you are doing xD Thank you for requesting love I had lots of fun. And honestly, I love you too but~ way more. Dirty Dancing (F, S) GOT7 reacts to their S/O doing a sexy dance for them. BTS Reaction to their child telling them that they love them for the first time (hyungline version) BTS Reaction to you bringing up marriage on Valentines day Seeing you so close to, engaging with another man he immediately set to correct any thought this man had of being with you. ” Namjoon snapped back as he stood. Jaemin: You stepped out of the crowd and into the bathroom, feeling for the first time tonight that you can breathe. After you met with the seven boys, though your best friend Eunji, all nine of you stuck together like glue. youtu. Pairing: Yoongi x Reader Obviously, we can't solve sexism in one article, but the principle here is harm reduction—if you have better tools to deal with 50% of the sexist comments in your life, you live a better life. He's talented at almost everything. Hey everyone, how ya feeling? I’ll drop the typical excuse of school as the cause of my absence, but I have a treat for everyone, and more goodies coming soon! (: I hope everyone has a great day/ night and Enjoy <3. Mafia BTS reaction to their s/o having a strong personality. It isn't the first time that TaeTae or for that matter any of the BTS members have come across marriage proposes. but if you really want to be a ff writer, you have to realize you’re going to be faced with people like this. BTS reactions to you being in a rock band. & feat. Obviously, we can't solve sexism in one article, but the principle here is harm reduction—if you have better tools to deal with 50% of the sexist comments in your life, you live a better life. Jin:*before child even asks* I HAVE SCARRED YOU MY CHILD FOR LIFE!!!!! Bts Mafia Reaction To You Being Soft You were just chilling in his apartment with her, since you missed him a lot, when the door beeped, Seokjin and the boys walking in to see your new pet. You hissed as you dragged it across your skin, cross-hatching your arms as the water around you turned red. We listened with open n unbiased ears, So i'm definitely starting to slowly see what you guys are seeing in BTS. Series: When you’re born, you can’t see a color until you meet the eyes of your Soulmate for the first time. 🍂“I’m sorry it had to be me. Maybe some time apart will be good for the both of you. You dragged the blade across your skin, watching as blood bubbled to the surface. Originally posted by jiminrolls. (A/N: whelp here you go u thirsty hoes) Jimin: His angry eyes looked viciously through the people in the room, eyeing them with rage so fear-inducing that the men and women whimpered under his gaze. You watched in a daze as black dots blurred your vision. - Namjoon and Jin- ⚠️tw-rape, sexual assault, knifes, etc⚠️. Baby Boy (F) angst. Explore the latest videos from hashtags: #btsmafia, #bts_mafia, #btsmafiastories, #mafiabts, #btsasmafia, #btsmafiadrama . As their gang grows, so does the rate of violence and crimes. It would be a bit of a shock the first time. Mafia BTS reacting you being kidnapped by their enemy and they threaten to kill you. You both pull away and when you open your eyes, you notice how his changed from his normal color to a beaming purple. them Standing Up For You (jin Yoongi and Taehyung) Yandere/mafia you go missing (Taehyung, Jin, Jimin and Yoongi Originally posted by 92ksj. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. tetetete. Maybe. ” That’s why you expect him to, at the very least, come after you when you dash out the front door in tears. Even while kissing the rest of your body, he’d somehow always end up back at your lips. Suga. Morning after your first time. BTS and ASLAN come to an agreement to join forces to stop VIPER. You can rap (fluff) (Admin Cas). P. … masterlist rules wips about us prompts recs moodboards. Eye smile. I go by Pastel! Requests are appreciated. He hates you and you hate him. Boys Republic: Love at First Sight (Minsu Fluff) BtoB: Reaction: Eunkwang reaction to you “flirting” with another member. Big Bang . What's your boyfriend's charm? He's unique. Genre: Angst, Mafia!AU, Soulmate!AU, Fluff. That’s the first time anyone has ever said that to me. Originally posted by missbaptan. You were the only who really saw Yoongi as Yoongi, and not Suga, the drug dealing arsonist with the coldest heart in the business. The handsome singers have … Now, we’re back with another: BTS In the Soop. SUGA of BTS)' Live Performance at 성균관대 (Sungkyunkwan Uni) 220505. “You’re the one who gave me a hard time about the hit in the first place. ” Originally posted by dovounq. It was your first time staying in the dorms and not to mention the fact that it was also your first time sleeping an entire night with your boyfriend, … He leans into you, tilting your chin up with his finger and kisses you softly. A BTS reaction. In Korean, “soop Hogwarts AU You get injured during a Quidditch game University AU Meeting you for the first time Study Date. if there is something legitimately harmful in a fic, of course it’s okay to approach a writer and point out the issue BTS Mafia! au. “aw. Word Count: 1078. He’d kiss you through the pain of him entering for the first time, as well as through the pleasure you’d begin to feel after the nth roll of His heart almost stopped when he made eye contact with you. — word count: 5. Ten- You were almost ambushed and killed at a dinner party last year. You’ve been running for around ten minutes, or so you’re guessing, you’ve just been running as fast as you can, getting as far away as you can get. 1 2. i don’t like controversy. Jin: Jin doesn’t approve of the idea of you Mafia!-BTS reaction: When one of the smaller mafias attack you. It didn’t hurt just you, it hurt him to have to pretend you weren’t the love of his life. ” or “Monsta X reacting to walking in on their significant other singing. ”. “Even though it’s freezing, I can still see you blushing. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Hope you like it! Requests are OPEN! AN: Some of these imply that the reader is dating BTS while others can be seen as platonic (wasn’t too sure which one was preferred) Gender neutral reader. They DO pull on your hea Scenario Masterlist Rapmon: Bts gf reaction to you being a vampire, Rapmon and Jin version Fluff Rapmon scenario to fighting with you and breaking up. But he doesn’t. com/playlist?list=PLzIqb66dV Masterlist Admin Lulu Admin Jane Admin Lyna. Genre: Fluff. After saving your life that one day you guys were inseparable. BTS walks in with only in your undergraments. share. warnings: possible mentions of death, violence and all that bad stuff. You thought you knew that…. Walking in on you jamming out to their song in pjs. BTS catches you humping their pillow. You couldn’t help but laugh, “We only … Kim Taehyung. “Well suck it up, she’s your responsibility until we find out who tried to get rid of us and her. — genre: angst, mafia!au, arranged marriage!au. Sunday also was the Patriots’ second consecutive loss. — warnings: ANGST, heartbreak, breaking up, divorce. He is Mr. when you bent down and they saw your chest. You are in a new idol group that has become very popular in the past few months and the boys see your performance for the first time live. Without any hesitation, you point it straight at him. “Jungkook, I’m taking a shower first today, ” you told him as the two of you finished eating breakfast. BTS Reaction - “I hate you. BTS: Originally posted by hope-film. You knew Jin was loyal and that you never had to worry about him doing anything to hurt you; you knew that. In its place, however, came BTS In the Soop. I’ve been busy trying to start up new blogs for you guys and doing my summer school and studies. The first time you were in the studio with him and one of your favourite songs came on, you couldn’t stop yourself from dancing around, ending your performance with a high kick that was pretty much doing the splits. Warnings: None. You hadn’t been there for a while, especially not like this. youtube. BTS Reaction to You Saying ‘You Got No Jams’. Reactions 9,660 Posts 9,948 Guild [THEQOO] BTS photos at the airport for the first time in 2 years today, … BTS mafia au reaction to their gf being the little sister of the rival gang leader. The man of your dreams, Ten. — pairing: bts x reader. He was happy you were agreeing so easily, though he wouldn’t let his guard down. be/UVd2yOjZh7k original video∞ Our Patreon link is in the pi When all the boys entered the room, they were woo-ing at the couple but Taehyung shush them immediately and pointed at you. A tear ran down your face; you didn’t want to hurt him. Kim Namjoon. {JK Oneshot} read description. BTS reaction to seeing a girl they really like. When You're Sold To A Mafia Who's Also A Single Dad. bts reaction: you being their rival gangs leader (f reader) // mafia!auSeokjinDid not understand how a cute looking girl like you could possible be the leader of a gang. . i don’t like drama. BTS Reaction: You Leave After A Fight (Mafia AU) (Maknae Line) Hyung Line. Reaction to you being annoying. You trying to sing one of their songs. An arranged marriage. He’d be so used to your sweet touches, so becoming a rough sub would throw him off a little. BTS reactions to your nightmare in which they die. BTS Reaction - When you see them for the first time in highschool. for the next week, you weren’t aloud to leave the mansion, you had maximum security and all contact to the outside world BTS Masterlist, feel free to send in anything, from smut, to angst, to fluff, reactions, and fanfics/short stories, thanks xx (!!) = Most Popular. Summary: BTS, ASLAN and VIPER are 3 of the most prominent and ferocious mafia gangs in the country. “I am your boyfriend and therefore I will protect you, just as you would do for me. Taehyung invited you to go to the awards with him, he wanted to share the experience with you. Rapmonster This man. — a/n: i am sooo sorry, but i was listening to this song and i just…yeah. Sorry it took me so long to answer ~Admin B. First day off together in a long time. You couldn’t stand your boyfriend always treating you differently when his gang members were around and how he treated you when they were. A rare smile made it’s way to his lips when he saw you blush and look the other way. I see the sadness on your face, but it’s positive,” he says turning the test to you. Their S/O Bringing Snacks(I really love mafia reactions but this was the first time I write one. Namjoon hadn’t known you His whole reaction to the situation kind of made you want him to be the father of your children. Jin: We all know Jin loves to eat, so you feeding him would only spur his excitement and love for you. Oh my gosh. Sehun: It started only as a selling business but as time passed the “selling” business elaborated and became larger, soon becoming a mafia gang. Watch popular content from the following creators: taetaelovestories(@taetaelovestories), Bts Edits(@bts_edits107), ILY🥺💕(@minyoong_1), Jihopemochi13💖 💗(@jihopemochi13) . #jimin #v #taehyung #jungkook #bts reactions #bts scenarios #bts imagines #bts smut #kpop reactions #kpop scenarios #kpop imagines #kpop smut #bts #bangtan sonyeondan #bangtan boys Gangs/Mafia; Cheating; Age Based Requests; High School!AU; Reactions: Send in which group you want done, and some sort of scenario, such as “BTS reacts to meeting his S/O for the first time. Friction (S) GOT7 reacts to catching their F!S/O masturbating. “You’re really too adorable How could this boy be a virgin, you always just thought he wanted to be romantic the first time you two did it although he wasn’t extremely extra when it came to that kind of stuff. BTS Reaction to You Smiling At Him like Hala from The Ark (The Light MV) BTS Reaction to Seeing You in a Musical/Play. The place felt rather odd without your boyfriend Yoongi there in the same room with Reactions 12,310 Posts 13,095 Gender Female Guild Jungkook are you in the mafia . 2020 was a tough year for everyone, and celebrities are no exception. He’d be a little surprised that you reached out to feed him but he’d grin and open wide, enjoying it. selfmate . — summary: you tried so hard to be enough. End of story. B. You being over the top I want to find a BTS fan fiction in a mafia au. Gif Reactions. save. Your reflexes took over your whole body. “It’s quite funny seeing you in charge of so many people. You should enjoy the moment while it last because when he reclaims his dominance… There will be no mercy. The Top Moments from BTS In the Soop Season 1. This series will focus on the lighter side of things, their soulmates- Well, maybe they’re lighter. Reactions. Ning Yi Zhuo. However, in keeping with the “mafia … cry me a river | the breaking. #bts; #bts reactions; #bts icons; #bts imagines; # Obviously, we can't solve sexism in one article, but the principle here is harm reduction—if you have better tools to deal with 50% of the sexist comments in your life, you live a better life. I. It was just a mess of emotions. When Namjoon did business he always told you to stay in the west wing of the house. “She is sleeping” he mouthed. Jungkook Mafia Au Teaser pt1 Fluffish and Angst. be/rJhYZx About Disobeying Reaction You Mafia Bts To Them. 1. G . Reaction: Them hearing you sing for the first time. The K-pop singer and Bebe Rexha, 29, just had …. Every cuddle seems like if it would be the last. geniebjones said: Bts reaction to, during a heated argument, their s/o yells out “I hate you” for the first time pweez awh this is so sad :( Namjoon: He stops completely when he heard you yell those three words he always worried would come from you - I hate you. Worldwide Handsome, you knew this, you knew this so well but it didn’t bother you. Hoseok : Watching you whilst you conducted your meeting, he couldn’t help but smile. You Attempt … BTS To Accidentally Hurting Theirs Girlfriends Feelings. Maybe it would do him some good to know he’s not your only option. Originally posted by seokjinstae-moved. Part of it is due to the shame he feels, but Jongin also realises that this isn’t the kind of thing you can fix with a kiss and a smile. "We don't know each other"- geez what a big lie. “We’re going to be parents,” you say jumping up. Sorry I haven’t posted lately…. Making them wear matching Christmas clothing . Yoongi: Kind of opposite from Jin, I imagine mafia Yoongi to be very quiet, reserved, and distant to anyone except you and the boys. be/i-l38a 1. In each episode, the band members play games or participate in a variety of activities that require them to complete … K-pop BTS | Jungkook Reader | Romance Fanfic Jk Bts X Reader Bts Fanfiction Bts Ff. BTS: Sweet Night (Suga Scenario) School Love (Suga Scenario) Reaction: You Telling Them You Like Them For Jimin asked for the hundredth time. Gasping, you could only tremble as his teeth lightly touched your skin. BTS SUGA) That That Lyrics (싸이 슈가 That That 가사) (Color Coded Lyrics) PSY - 'That That (prod. When he didn’t get a BTS SCENARIOS/REACTIONS. He's cool. Jeon Jungkook was like any normal introverted 16 year old. VIPER has been increasingly infiltrating and taking over other gangs. BTS Reactions (Smut/18) Table of contents. Chapter 21: BTS Reaction To: Them Crying Summary: you threaten to leave and they begin to cry for the first time in front of you (Mafia!Au) Chapter Text. BTS’ world tour was canceled and the many restrictions meant there would be no fifth season of Bon Voyage, either. Luckily you came out alive thanks to one man. none Jeon Jungkook. Jin: I think he would love cuddles a lot, so cuddling with his S. Would play with your hair when you are sleepy. BTS Reaction to Seeing You Walk Down the Aisle. A/n: Hiya Anon, I’m doing alright. BTS reaction to you having deep dimples. I don’t want like reader insert just the members and their stories. B1A4. A hot sticky feeling erupted inside you, making desire course through your veins, but Jimin wasn’t interested in satisfying your needs today. 9 comments. Originally posted by professional-fangirling. You caught your complexion in the mirror. After all, you were perfection in his eyes. Someone Calls You Fat When and your pregnant with his child Mafia reaction. His eyes darkened for a second, “And you look way too good in … The night would begin with a session of passionate kissing, followed by him slowly undressing the both of you. word count: 2143. 1 (Reader POV/ Angst) BTS Reaction to Little Sister Being Heart Broken for the First Time (short version) BTS Reaction to Little Sister Being Heart Broken for the First Time (long version) Yours (Chanyeol) Trip Away (Chen) Run BTS (Korean: 달려라 방탄; RR: Dallyeora bangtan; also stylized as Run BTS!) is a South Korean variety web series starring boy band BTS. Jungkook didn’t always spend his time playing games though, he often found himself hacking into some of the major companies’ systems, finding out any secrets Yes. God, he loved that look. Mafia BTS reaction to their daughter wanting to marry a mafia son. You wanted to surprise him, come home early from work and spend some quality BTS Reaction 😉😜(when it's your first time and you are scared) 😁 #BTS #방탄소년단 FIRST TIME REACTING TO BTS iconic moments PTD LAS VEGAS CONCERT DAY 4https://youtu. But there always has … Run BTS (Korean: 달려라 방탄; RR: Dallyeora bangtan; also stylized as Run BTS!) is a South Korean variety web series starring boy band BTS. “We got this, anyways I need someone to help me get out of the mafia. BTS Reactions (Smut/18) by jungsquishy. BTS Fluff + Smut. How BTS Kisses You After Not Seeing You For A While (!!) BTS Reacting To Seeing Your Ex (!!!) BTS Camping With You; BTS Reacts To You Feeding Them; BTS Reacts To Kissing You For The First BTS mafia how you met them. 1/Pt. O would be his favourite thing in the world. “Mhm,” you hum, not at all convinced as you take his spork and feed him … KpopCentralAU. Jungkook is Hwa Young’s childhood friend who was supposed to be living in their old hometown, Busan. I was a little busy but I finally have some time to Soft Mafia BTS reaction to their soulmate surprising them on their birthday. But he hadn’t expected you to accept his rules right away and practically let him lock you up in his apartment. Not unlike himself you were sitting at a chair by the bar and looked like you wanted to kill the people you had first arrived with and had now left you. You blushed, turning away, “Hobi, stop. You not being prepared for the sudden winter weather. He would yelp, turn bright red and pull out all at the same time. On May 7, ITZY posted a clip of themselves watching their latest music video for the very first time. Originally posted by yourpinkpill. Originally posted by xxnalu. this was a request from a long time ago, I think it was the first or Wow I’m blown away because I though their comeback would be a pop record but it’s a BOP! I’ve never reacted to itzy before but I’ve been following all the gi BTS Reaction 😉😜(when it's your first time and you are scared) 😁 enjoy my british indian reacting to kpop for the first time (bts, twice, red velvet, exo). Over time you both would find a compromise.

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