Abscond synonym and antonym. Opposite of to depart or run away, especially secretly. Synonyms: bolt absquatulate decamp run off go off make off The robbers’ plan was to abscond with all of the millionaire’s valuable paintings and jewels. (archaic) Opposite of to flee or run away (from) Opposite of to break free from confinement or control. The Visual Thesaurus was built using Thinkmap, a data visualization technology. h. Download Download PDF. 800K terms | 31M synonyms | 4. (of a person on bail) fail to surrender oneself for custody at the appointed time. Due to a planned power outage on Friday, 1/14, between 8am-1pm PST, some services may be impacted. The thief made off with our silver. invest it. The king hanged the leader of the rebellion, while the rest of the rebels attempted to abscond from the city. Absconding is generally a criminal offense which may lead to imprisonment in jail. Abscond. Learn synonyms, antonyms, and opposites of Leave in English with Spanish translations of every word. After kidnapping the heiress, the kidnapper’s sole option was to abscond to another country before the authorities could find him. secretly run away with it. English synonyms, antonyms, sound-alike, and rhyming words for 'absent' 2 638 other terms for leave- words and phrases with similar meaning Synonyms MCQ Questions and answers with easy and logical explanations. Login . more . The thieves absconded with our property. Parts of speech. Access synonyms. What are opposite words of Abscond? Remain, stay, abide. Abscond in Detail. ) sparing or moderate in eating and drinking; temperate in diet. v. Multiple-choice Synonyms & Antonyms 2. Verb, base form Geese are loud and quick to respond when they hear the slightest questionable noise. 1006 Manhattan Ave, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 | who are cherry and marcia's boyfriends. Also see absconds. phrases. com, the largest free online thesaurus, antonyms, definitions and translations resource on the web. idioms. Zahir Publishing Company, 2019. Synonyms for ABSCOND: break out (of), clear out, escape, flee, fly, get out, lam, run away Abscond (with): as in snatch, spirit. Full PDF Package Download Full PDF Package. 3rd - 5th 20 Qs Esperanza Rising Vocabulary abscond, dodge, duck, evade, parry, run: definition 3: to leak out, as a fluid or gas. open the Welsh Academy Dictionary; open the University of Wales Dictionary (change the search mode to "DIFFINIADAU SAESNEG "); abscond in the Oxford Learner's Dictionaries; abscond in the Collins Dictionary in the html table font color without css. g. Posted at 15:41h in philips sceneswitch gamma by what is a veto-proof majority. Abscond synonyms. ‘charges of absconding while on bail’. Find out the synonyms, antonyms and definition. disappear 12. apropos means being both relevant and appropriate; opportune means definition: to leave suddenly and secretly, esp. Synonyms - decamp, escape, flee, break out, run away, get away •Antonyms -remain, stay, emerge. Abscond To go in a clandestine manner out of the jurisdiction of the courts, or to lie concealed, in order to avoid their process. abscond - Dictionary definition and meaning for word abscond. run away, escape, bolt, clear out, flee, make off, take flight, take off, fly, decamp. definitions. IAW Logistics Solutions | Mezzanine Floors | Warehouse Racking | Warehouse Shelving losing weight on insulin type 1 diabetes / celtics vs heat game 2 stats / use abscond in a sentence with context clues. English Synonym (s) : Absquatulate Bolt Decamp Go … Collocations. lafond. 41 synonym for abscond: escape, flee, get away, bolt, fly, disappear, skip, run off, slip away, clear Abscond as a verb means To go away hastily and secretly; run away and hide, esp. Turn. take off. Using French Synonyms r. 501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 357. A. nouns. Abscond ( Intransitive verb ) Since he has been looked upon by his friends themselves as one of the culprits involved in murder case, he absconded a few days ago. Page-11 section-8 A. Define absconded. To postpone limitations. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. NEXT> 2. Infoplease is a reference and learning site, combining the contents of an encyclopedia, a dictionary, an atlas and several almanacs loaded with facts. To leave quickly and secretly and hide oneself, often to avoid arrest or prosecution. avocado scrambled eggs toast Likes Synonyms & Antonyms is a topic from which questions definitely come. Abscond . Antonyms are used to express the opposite of a word. Q. com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. synonyms. We've arranged the synonyms in length order so that they are easier to find. Synonyms and Antonyms starting from A : A - Z Alphabets by Pinnacle SSC CGL Coaching Centre , Hindi English Medium. The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth lẫn trốn, bỏ trốn; trốn tránh pháp luật; Related words. The thief was able to abscond with confidential files. An Antonym is a word or phrase that is opposite in meaning to a particular word or a phrase in the same language. . 41 synonym for abscond: escape, flee, get away, bolt, fly, disappear, skip, run off, slip away, clear Antonyms for abscond æbˈskɒnd ab·scond This page is about all possible antonyms and opposite words for the term abscond. the means by which you get to a place. Abstain. biased. ab·scond·ed , ab·scond·ing , ab·sconds To leave quickly and secretly and hide oneself, often to avoid arrest or prosecution. In general usage, abscond refers to any act of running away and hiding (usually from the law and often with funds), but in legal circles, the word is used specifically when someone who has already become the focus of a legal proceeding hides or takes off in order to evade the legal process, as in "absconded from parole. pompous. abscond synonyms, abscond pronunciation, abscond translation, English dictionary definition of abscond. Synonyms : absquatulate , bolt , decamp , go off , make off , run off. Learn synonyms and unit 4 antonyms with free interactive flashcards. The accountant absconded with the cash from the safe. superfluous. The synonym of prejudiced is. Enjoy! - test your knowledge in this quiz! (Author zebra101) abscond. ] Synonyms: flee, run away, steal away. Access is by means of a door at the back of the stage. C. Find 2 ways to say ABSCONDED, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus. Synonyms. ) to depart in a sudden and secret manner, esp. a The synonyms and related words of "Flee" are: fly, take flight, run, run away, run off, make a run for it, run for it, be gone, make off, take off, take to one's heels, make a break for it, bolt, beat a retreat, beat a hasty retreat, make a quick exit, make one's getaway, escape, absent oneself, make oneself scarce, abscond, head for the hills, do a disappearing act, run away from, … THE DICTIONARY OF ENGLISH SYNONYM & ANTONYM. adjectives. B. Antonyms. Synonyms: Synonyms for abscand in Free Thesaurus. (Skill builder in focus) learning express editors 501 synonym and antonym questions-(Skill builder in focus) learning express editors 501 synonym and antonym questions- 357. English study material for ssc exams. West's Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2 Forum discussions with the word(s) "abscond" in the title: abscond abscond Abscond VS Elope: Running away with a lover - English Only forum abscond vs escape vs flee vs elope vs run away - English Only forum to abscond at the turn of a breeze - … abscond verb. Newly Appointed Postal Assistant Salary as on date; Postal / Sorting Assistants Previous Paper Solved Daily Current Affairs Updates: 19 March 2014 What are the keys to scrabbles of the word absconda? You can find out other N-letter words that start and end with the word absconda in several exhausted lists. retire 8. A clue is required. larceny. Specialist Dictionaries. more Provided by. 3rd - 5th 10 Qs Synonyms and Antonyms 14. It conatins accurate other and similar related words for stolen in English. (v. Check the list below to know some common IELTS synonym and antonyms Antonyms are the negative connotation of a particular word. ‘The spokesman said: ‘Since his conviction for both offences he absconded from bail abscond: 1 v run away; usually includes taking something or somebody along “the accountant absconded with the cash from the safe” Synonyms: absquatulate , bolt , decamp , go off , make off , run off Types: levant run off without paying a debt Type of: flee , fly , … Abscond definition, to depart in a sudden and secret manner, especially to avoid capture and legal prosecution: The cashier absconded with the money. run off. Definition of Elope. dictionary. Learn more. Synonyms & Antonyms of absconds. To retire from public view, or from the place in which one resides or is ordinarily to be found; depart in a sudden and secret manner; take one's self off; decamp; especially, to go out of the way in order to avoid a legal process. Synonym: Antonym: Use: Synonym: Antonym: According to article 257, an arrest may also be ordered by the criminal police authorities, in situations other than flagrante delicto, if the conditions for pre-trial detention apply in the case in question, if there are grounds for fearing the person may abscond and if it is impossible, for reasons of urgency and the risk of undue delay, to wait for the judicial authority to intervene. To depart or run away, especially secretly. +. Neglect. bohemian looks and behavior. But the governor of Syria had sent a demand for Herod's acquittal, and so Hyrcanus adjourned the trial and persuaded the accused to abscond. Another word for abscond: to run away unexpectedly | Collins English Thesaurus Find abscond synonyms list of more than 34 words on Pasttenses thesaurus. Discontinue. pdf), Text File (. " According to Watkins, it is from a reduplicated form of PIE root *dhe-"to set, put," but Beekes offers: "No etymology, but probably … Synonyms and Antonyms of Leave. Candidates must keep a balance of using high vocabulary words as well as familiar words in IELTS Speaking as well as in Writing. Synonyms for abscond in Free Thesaurus. Log in. It conatins accurate other and similar related words for abscond in English. Advertisement. Example Sentence. Related terms for abscond- synonyms, antonyms and sentences with abscond. Definition. You can either see all the words in listed form or you can see them one by one. # rush , depart. to get free from a dangerous or confining situation An antonym is a word, adjective, verb or expression whose meaning is opposite to that of a word. Synonym and Antonym. v. get away. a. DEFINITIONS 2. ) 1823, "treasury, storehouse," from Latin thesaurus "treasury, a hoard, a treasure, something laid up," figuratively "repository, collection," from Greek thēsauros "a treasure, treasury, storehouse, chest," related to tithenai "to put, to place. Classic Thesaurus. Random. to eschew means to avoid habitually, or to abstain 358. Share this Page . Dictionary Thesaurus What does abscond mean? Information and translations of abscond in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. 2. (verb) run away; usually includes taking something or somebody along. of joyful 465. English synonyms and antonyms mcqs with answers pdf, important synonyms for nts test pdf, english mcqs with answers for nts test, nts synonyms and antonyms pdf, synonyms questions and answers pdf, important synonyms for entry test, english mcqs with answers pdf, synonyms mcqs for nts. It's a tool for people who think visually. … SYNONYMS. sentences. Bolt, decamp, disappear, elope, escape, flee, fly, hide, retreat, withdraw. none Find 50 ways to say ABSCOND, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus. Synonyms: snatch, spirit, capture… Antonyms: deliver, ransom, redeem… Find the right word. D. Abscond (v. access antonyms. Antonyms for Abscond. To abandon one's country or cause, typically in favor of an opposing one. A short summary of this paper. Flee. Full list of antonyms for Abscond is here. info is the world’s leading online source for English definitions, synonyms, word origins and etymologies, audio pronunciations, example sentences, slang phrases, … SYNONYMS AND ANTONYMS. To flee from arresting or prosecuting officers of the state. website for synonyms, antonyms, verb conjugations and translations Search away and thousands of other words in English definition and synonym dictionary from Reverso. t. English improvement, Vocabulary improvement. People usually abstain from things that are considered vices — like eating French fries every day for lunch. Antonyms for abscand. Analogy Quiz Spelling Bee Advanced Word Quiz? ADVERTISEMENT. the accountant absconded with the cash from the safe. The district of San Marcos, where the mine is located, is the country’s richest — receiving Word: [Rhymes] Near rhymes Thesaurus Words and phrases that rhyme with abscond: (158 results) 1 syllable: Synonyms for 'break for': escape, get away, break away, flee, break out, throw off, bolt, make a break (for something), make off with, abscond If you abstain from something, you restrain yourself from consuming it. Words with nearly the same meaning but used differently, are called synonyms. Yesterday's Word Quiz | Tomorrow's Word Quiz. respond. run away 13. servitude. to avoid observation or capture. make off. Define abscond. Random word | Facebook | Twitter. antonyms. 1. What is the opposite of Abscond? Antonyms for Abscond (opposite of Abscond). 5M antonyms | 300K definitions. clear off. Synonyms: 1. Using Spanish Synonyms Vocabulary Tests for Freshmen - Unit 4. Synonym: Run off Use: The cashier absconded with the money. About Feedback Donations Examples of Synonyms Link to Us A-Z Index. Synonyms Synonyms for ABSCONDS: breaks out (of), clears out, escapes, flees, flies, gets out, lams, runs away present tense third-person singular of abscond. Choosing the Right Word. The word ‘indigent’ is synonymous with the word a abscond c) equalize d) adorn embellish = সুশোভিত করা English Synonyms - meaning of the given word; List of New Appointments of 2013; Daily Current Affairs Updates: 20 March 2014; Status of PA/SA Applications till 22. ab·scond·ed, ab·scond·ing, ab·sconds. flee 15. The words acknowledge, enjoy, welcome are synonyms for … 22 Abscond antonyms. [From mid 16th century. leave 5. disconsolate means cheerless or dejected, which is the opposite. conceal oneself 4. Convert documents to beautiful publications and share them worldwide. 16. Abstemious (adj. education. absconda Scrabble FR. c. List of words beginning with A. Learning Definitions Reverse Definitions Vocabulary Sentences Reverse Sentences Synonym Practice Reverse Synonyms Antonyms Online Reverse Antonyms Parts of Speech Stress Marks Spelling Fill-In Spelling Multiple Choice. leblond. WORD: Abscond . access to: A lift provides access to the upper floors. Page-2 section-9 Synonym of ABSCOND. Click to see full answer. disentangle. This information should Synonyms MCQ Questions and answers with easy and logical explanations. Another word for abscond: to run away unexpectedly | Collins English Thesaurus If you know synonyms for Abscond with, then you can share it or put your rating in listed similar words. What does abscond expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. 501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 464. Synonyms and Antonyms. Word Explorer. allow, block, control, deny, gain, give, grant, limit, restrict. More 600 Abscond synonyms. 🔊. for. hide 2. thesaurus. This is a library of dictionaries and other online resources where you can search further for abscond*:. What does abscond with one expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. Synonyms for absconded. Share this image. to go away suddenly and…. retreat 10. synonyms: abscond verb. - Avoid repetitions in a text. There is no better way of boosting your word power. from The Century Dictionary. Best antonyms for 'abscond' are 'remain', 'abide' and 'stay'. 5K plays. Title: Synonyms And Antonyms, Author: Володимир Фаринич, Length: 300 pages, Published: 2015-01-26 one meaning of solvent is able to pay all debts; broke means. Hence the word abase means to dishonour hence it s antonym would be exalt . apropos means being both relevant and abscond (Thesaurus) abscission zone Daily Word Quiz: sophism; Analogy of the Day: Today’s Analogy; Frequently Misspelled Words; Frequently Mispronounced Words; Easily Confused Words; Writing & Language For the IELTS writing and speaking section, having an enriching vocabulary is a must to score a good band score. La Dunif. auspicious. 124 opposites of abscond- words and phrases with opposite meaning. ] ab·scond er n. d. He was put into jail but absconded within a few days. Complete Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms (5. Report an issue 30 seconds. See more. Avoid. to go away suddenly and secretly in order to escape from somewhere: 2. englishtest. Hone … The word abscond has appeared in nine New York Times articles in the past year, including on June 7 in “ Peru Mining Boom Leaves Highlanders Behind” by The Associated Press: Half the 30 percent tax on its profits is distributed in its host state. gaumond. Thesaurus Antonyms Related Words Synonyms Legend: Switch to new run away, escape, bolt, clear out, flee, make off, take flight, take off, fly, decamp. There are over 3400 words listed with meanings, sentences, synonyms and antonyms. More example sentences. Hence, to help you improve your vocabulary, we are providing you with a series on Top 100 Words with Synonyms and Antonyms for all the 26 letters of English Alphabet. 3. In Smith v. bolt, make off, skip town. abscond: To go in a clandestine manner out of the jurisdiction of the courts, or to lie concealed, in order to avoid their process. Antonyms for abscond. Publicado em maio 22, 2022 por — yuengling porter beer advocate Publishing platform for digital magazines, interactive publications and online catalogs. intr. In this quiz Ill give you some synonyms and antonyms and you tell me which word that they go with. abscond with v. NTS English MCQs taken from previous NTS,PTS,FPSC,SPSC,PPSC,OTS, SBP IBP … abscond ( third-person singular simple present absconds, present participle absconding, simple past and past participle absconded ) ( intransitive, reflexive) To flee, often secretly; to steal away, particularly to avoid arrest or prosecution. abandon. withdraw 14. So enjoy this list and then get around for preparing your own list of Synonyms and Antonyms. Choose from 500 different sets of synonyms and unit 4 antonyms flashcards on Quizlet. to avoid service of process, arrest, or prosecution; or leaving with another person's money or property. Find stolen synonyms list of more than 14 words on Pasttenses thesaurus. txt) or read online for free. 3 letter words FLY - RUN 4 letter words BOLT - FLEE - JUMP - SKIP 5 letter From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English abscond ab‧scond / əbˈskɒnd, æb-$ æbˈskɑːnd / verb [intransitive] formal 1 ESCAPE to escape from a place where you are being kept abscond from The boy absconded from a children’s home. Opposite of to retreat from something frightening or dangerous. escape. A: … abscond definition: 1. If a man plans to abscond with a lot of money, it means he is going to . Start with absconda. Dictionary Thesaurus Scrabble Examples Quiz. To flee from arresting or … Start studying Abscond. depart 9. 00 / 1 vote) Rate these synonyms: abscond. website for synonyms, antonyms, verb conjugations and translations Abscond : Synonyms and Antonyms . abscond with gold v. To hide, withdraw, or lie concealed: as, “the marmot absconds in winter,” Ray, Works of Definition of abscond in the Idioms Dictionary. arduous. make a break for it, take to one's heels, make a quick getaway, beat a hasty retreat, show a clean pair of heels, run for it, make a run for it. 4. Answer & Solution Discuss in Board 501 synonyms and antonyms 1. Synonyms and antonyms are intended to: - Enrich a text, an email, a message. Full list of synonyms for Abscond is here. Take Tests. b. 7M words 79M synonyms 4. 14 05. run away; usually includes taking something or somebody along. Synonyms : absquatulate, bolt, decamp, go off, make off, run off "the accountant absconded with the cash from the safe". synonyms: issue, leak Escape comes from an early French word that means "to leave one's cape behind," which can happen when one is in a hurry. steal away 6. In this page you can discover 40 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for abscond, like: flee, escape, decamp, skip, absquatulate, run, split, make a getaway, take-flight, steal off and bolt. You can complete the list of synonyms of away given by the English Thesaurus dictionary with other English dictionaries: Wikipedia, Lexilogos, Oxford, Cambridge, Chambers Harrap, Wordreference, Collins Lexibase dictionaries, Merriam Webster Fallows samuel english dictionary of synonyms and antonyms 501 Synonym & Antonym Questions Questions Introduction 1 Synonyms 1 2 Antonyms 9 3 Synonyms 17 4 Antonyms 25 5 Synonyms 33 6 Antonyms 41 7 Synonyms and Antonyms 49 8 Synonyms 57 358. dash off. lamond. Unable to pay their rent, the … This is part of the entry for 'abscond' from the English-Welsh section of the dictionary which includes synonyms, thesaurus entries, translations, phrases and more Dictionary Portal. these English questions are asked in many exams like Bank exam, … abscond. in order to escape the law. jeanbertrand. offord [isbn 0 521 37277 1 hardback] [isbn 0 521 37878 8 paperback]. Find all the synonyms and alternative words for frabjous at Synonyms. In any language test, Synonyms and Antonyms play a major role and IELTS is not an exception. correspond. 31. define abscond. remain: : to be a part not destroyed, taken, or used up only a few ruins remain. The gas was able to escape because the seal was not tight. 03. In IELTS reading and IELTS listening, the candidates may get several questions related to it. flee. abscond with someone or something v. To hide, conceal, or absent oneself clandestinely, with the intent to avoid legal process. guimond. thesaurus (n. sardonic. words. 1. Abscond means leaving a jurisdiction secretly or suddenly, e. NEXT> 3. . run … Synonyms: To leave a place or person quickly or suddenly. 6. What's the definition of Abscond in thesaurus? Most related words/phrases with sentence examples define Abscond meaning and usage. ab·scond′er n. abscond with money v. to escape from a place where you are being kept as a punishment. All Free. Anarchy synonyms. The Crossword Solver finds answers to American-style crosswords, British-style crosswords, general knowledge crosswords and cryptic crossword puzzles. Main Purpose to cover the English is to help those students who can’t buy mock tests for regular exams and for competitive examinations. [Latin abscondere, to hide : abs-, ab-, away; see AB-1 + condere, to put; see dh ē - in the Appendix of Indo-European roots . brusque 8. Check out all the listed words: This page intentionally left blank. to avoid capture and legal prosecution. Suggest synonym. To hide, withdraw, or lie concealed: as, “the marmot absconds in winter,” Ray Sentences with respond . Search for synonyms and antonyms. English Aptitude MCQ provides all type of competitive english mcq questions on Synonyms which is important for exams like Banking exams,IBPS,SCC,CAT,XAT,MAT etc. 4 Full PDFs related to … Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for ABSCOND TO MARRY [elope] We hope that the following list of synonyms for the word elope will help you to finish your crossword today. Abscond synonyms 800K terms | 31M synonyms | 4. Answer & Solution Discuss in Board Save Near Antonyms of book. A word which is opposite in meaning to the given word is called it s Antonym. Flashcards. Opposite of to escape, or be liberated, from a place of confinement. to abscond means to depart secretly; to flee means to run away 359. to abscond means to depart secretly; to flee means to run away 359. Antonyms: show, emerge, appear. use abscond in a sentence with context clues. arbitrary. This information should not be considered complete The best 75 synonyms for skip, including: bound, make a getaway, cut-and-run, hop, jump, take-flight, skim, elide, escape, flee, gait and more Find another word for skip at YourDictionary. 1) Abscond : کوئی چیز لے کر بھاگ جانا Koi Cheez Lay Kar Bhag Jana : (verb) run away; usually includes taking something or somebody along. Condense. 5. Verb, non-3rd person singular present They then provide crisis-reaction strategies that respond to immediate dangers once they have occurred. ) To run away, or escape privately, from the place or station to which one is bound by duty; -- said especially of a woman or a man, either married or unmarried, who runs away with a paramour or a sweetheart. Using German Synonyms Companion titles to Using German Synonym Using German A Guide to Contemporary Usage martin durrell [isbn 0 521 42077 6 hardback] [isbn 0 521 31556 5 paperback]. Full text of "Synonyms and antonyms; an alphabetical list of words in common use, grouped with others of similar and opposite meaning" See other formats Rhymes Near rhymes Thesaurus Phrases Mentions Phrase rhymes Descriptive words [Definitions] Similar sound Definitions of abscond : verb : run away; usually includes taking something or somebody along abscond. Monmouth offered to appear to take his trial, if thereby he could help Russell, and Essex refused to abscond for fear of injuring his friend's chance of escape. 10-letter words Start with absconda (3) 41 views, 9 likes, 2 loves, 0 comments, 3 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from Vocords: Synonyms: Bolt, Break, Decamp I hope you learnt something new Meanings of "abscond" with other terms in English Turkish Dictionary : 11 result (s) abscond from justice v. abscond with one phrase. Johnson, the Supreme Court of Nebraska explained that “‘To abscond’ means to go in a clandestine manner out of the abscond definition,IELTS Words,TOEFL Words,GRE Words,SAT Words,GMAT Words,English asl dictionary online,dictionary for kids,cambridge dictionary,thesaurus dictionary dictionary. We are going to cover English Quiz Questions with Answers Quiz (Antonyms and Synonyms for Competitive Exams) or English Grammar Test Quiz with Answers. to suddenly leave a place and take something with you that does not belong to you. The word ‘acrirmonious’ is the antonym of a) amicable b) hostile c) high d) heavy 2. shoot off. Quick definitions from WordNet ( abscond) verb: run away; usually includes taking something or somebody along. One of the easiest ways to do this is by using synonyms for common words. Correct : Wrong : 1. This Paper. abscond > synonyms. Abscond with Thesaurus. An online thesaurus and dictionary of over 145,000 words that you explore using an interactive map. The Crossword Solver found 56 answers to "Abscond", 6 letters crossword clue. Verb. All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. answer choices incinerate. Thesaurus Antonyms Related Words Synonyms Legend: Switch abscond - WordReference thesaurus: synonyms, discussion and more. broke out (of), cleared out, escaped, fled, flew, got out, lammed, ran away, The term 'Abscond' in classic thesaurus. See : outer space, space: An online thesaurus and dictionary of over 145,000 words that you explore using an interactive map. abscond phrase. View synonyms. Lists. 00Hrs. pdf - Free download as PDF File (. 501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 2. Opposite of to flee or run away. Manage. slip away 3. lodge: : to provide temporary quarters for The refugees need to be lodged and fed. Rhymes with Abscond. Use of synonyms and antonyms. verbs. e. Multiple-choice. What are another words for Abscond? Decamp, flee, escape. Synonyms and related words. batchelor and m. a knack is a special ability 360. Antonym: Emerge Definition of abscond with one in the Idioms Dictionary. dwell: : to remain for a time dwell in the hallway. disappear, vanish, slip away, steal away, sneak away. 703 Synonyms 2. To escape from a place or situation. Thesaurus for Abscond. abide: : to bear patiently : tolerate cannot abide such bigots. stagnant. see thesaurus at escape 2 LEAVE A PLACE to secretly leave somewhere, taking with you something that ABSCOND Meaning: "depart suddenly and secretly," especially to escape debt or the law, 1560s, from French abscondre "to… See definitions of abscond. Click the answer to find similar crossword clues . give it all away. take oneself off 11. Verbs frequently used with access as the object. 1 terminate 2 surmount 3 semblance 4 usurp 5 pilfer 6 cherubic 7 rift 8 alteration 9 trite 10 marauders 11 pauper 12 dissent 13 exorcise 14 abscond 15 biased 16 access 17 anarchy 18 auspicious 19 arduous 20 incinerated 21 access: 1 auspicious 2 pompous 3 reprieve 4 biased 5 hoodwink 6 pliant 7 daunt 8 GRE Vocabulary Preparation - Word List: This section has one of the most comprehensive listing of words on the internet. Synonyms: sarcastic, wry Antonyms: bland, mild Hint. curtail Adduce to give as proof Abrogate to abolish Adhere adible Abscond to flee Adjacent next to Absence Non-attendance Adjunct auxiliary Absorb Suck Admiration Appreciation Absurd Silly Admonish Threaten Abundance Overflow use abscond in a sentence with context clues 22 May. absconded synonyms, absconded pronunciation, absconded translation, English dictionary definition of absconded. abscond. decamp 7. To secure an excellent IELTS band score, it is essential for the candidates to have a good grip over these. Antonyms for 'Abscond'. Infoplease knows the value of having sources you can trust. 3K plays. Examples of synonyms. Enter the length or pattern for better results. The most fun you've ever had with words. 2M antonyms. "The thief made off with our silver".

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